Saturday, February 28, 2009

Archangel Michael

Went back for a question and answer session with Suzanne regarding my Astrology Chart, she mentioned that the weight gain has nothing to do with the food or exercise that I am or am not doing and everything to do with me taking on other peoples energy. I know this to be true, I have gain the bulk of my weight since becoming a massage therapist and caring for family members. She suggested that I call on Archangel Michael and take his sword and cut the ties that bind me and to get a SCIO session to have the "plugs pulled" energetically from my abdomen, where their "hooks" take hold through the belly button. Okay, if this information came to me 9 years ago, before I understood and started working with energy I would have been reaching for the bible, the holy water, garlic and the crucifix! Now, since working with energy on a "newbie" level, I can understand this more and more. So each morning I am to clear myself with Michael's sword-- Whoo Hoo! I am now a Warrior Princess!

My charts realy pushed home the need for me to be disaplined and begin to put money away for my travels next year. I need to make up my mind and put things into action. No more wishing and dreaming, time for action. That so isn't me! I am the fly-by-the-seat-end-of-my-pants kind of chick, not the list maker and the stratigist! Lord Help Me!


The other day when I made the lists of the things I loved, I had one the happiest days! It wasn't that I did anything different or new, but I was just happy! I laughed more, I smiled at more people, It was a a joyful day.

So today, I woke up and realized that I could have a better day of making a list for all the things that I am thankful for. The quote that I read about thankfulness is "Not what we SAY about our blessings, but HOW WE USE them, that is the true measure of our thanksgiving." Today, as I make my list of things that I am thankful for, I am going to think of how I have been a good steward of them and allowed them fulfill purpose and meaning.

I am thankful that I live in a warm climate, I am thankful that I have money in the bank, I am thankful that I live in a quiet apartment building, I am thankful that I am an American, I am thankful that I still have parents who are married, I am thankful that I have siblings, I am thankful that my three best friends are honest, loyal and loving, I am thankful that I have a car that is paid for, I am thankful that I am self-employed, I am thankful that I have a laptop computer, I am thankful for this blog- it is helping me so much to journal this experience, I am thankful that I am learning how to improve my life in ways I never thought I could, I am thankful for my voice, my hearing, my sight, my mobility, my strength. I am thankful for the air that I breath, I am thankful for a loving God, I am thankful for those who died for my freedom, I am thankful for those who work to protect and serve, I am thankful that I live in Dunedin, FL. I am thankful that my clients allow me to help them, I am thankful that every opportunity for success is available to me, I am thankful for forgiveness, I am thankful for understanding, I am thankful for beauty, I am thankful for nature, I am thankful for peace, I am thankful for eternity, I am thankful for angels, I am thankful for Spirit, I am thankful for truth, I am thankful for justice, I am thankful for Raj tapes, I am thankful for the Course in Miracles, I am thankful for the Oneness Movement, I am thankful for spiritual pioneers, I am thankful for truth seekers, I am thankful for Jesus, I am thankful for revelations, I am thankful for the universe and cosmos, I am thankful for food & water, I am thankful the perfect design of life, I am thankful timelessness and void, I am thankful for divine intervention, I am thankful for the natural laws, I am thankful for universal laws, I am thankful for comedy, I am thankful for unconditional love, I am thankful for inspiration, I am thankful that I don't need to know all the Hows and Whys but be okay with what IS, I am thankful for my upbringing, I thankful I lived in Maine, I am thankful that I don't have any enemies, I am thankful for love, I am thankful for yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am thankful that I know that my life is only beginning and that the rest of my life is rich and full and wonderful. I am thankful for thoughts.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Aura Photo

Stopped in at my favorite place in the world, yep, talking about Serenity Now Books and Gifts. Ended up getting Trudy to do my Biopulsar-Reflexograph Aura Photo machine reading. It's really cool, you place your left hand on a sensor device that measures the vibrations of energy emitted from the different reflex zones of your hand. This information is translated into colors of your aura and where they show up on your body. The picture to the left is a sample of the printout that you are given. It also does a percentage chart of your chakras.

No great surprise that I have over-activity in the Crown, Brow, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras and I'm fine in the Spleen and Throat Chakras and very low in the Root Chakras. Trudy told me of a quote "Don't just do something! Sit there!" She said that this charting shows that I have all the intellect, knowingness and abilities now I just need to trust myself, hense the low root chakra. I need to make sure that I am really grounded. I need to really focus on red, earthy things, I need to get outside more and connect to nature and mother earth. I want to make sure that when the next LivingTheSpiral class starts up again that I make sure that I really pay attention to my Root Chakra.

On my aura photo I had my feet in yellow. So that says my roots are about intelligence and mental strength, not really root chakra stuff, how do I get my Head out of my Ass? Pardon my French, but it seemed factual and funny!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Intension Bracelets continued....

I am still not too sure about this one, Lakshmi, I haven't really felt her presence with me, she just might be the "silent" type working behind the scenes in helping Ganesh. Lakshmi brings wealth and blessings. Lakshmi has a wonderful relationship with elephants and when partnered with Ganesh, they are an incredible team that enjoys bringing infinite blessings, abundance and good fortune to whomever calls on them. She also helps us to stop worrying about money. She is a master space clearer who brings wonderful gifts of material abundance, inner wealth and true happiness. I hope that she can really help me "stop worrying about money". I get the feeling that I actually need to lend her out to my friend Phyllis- I will have to pendulum this and see what the spirits say about that idea......

Intension Bracelets

I thought I would share images of the rest of my Intention Bracelets, This is Ganesh, he was my first one and within the first week of having him on my wrist, my business tripled! Ganesh is a wonderful god of prosperity that brings peace , harmony and prosperity to any household that invites him in. He assists with artistic projects and writing, as well as, blesses any new venture - business or personal (marriage, engagement, birth of a child, etc.) When you invoke Ganesh, you will receive infinite blessings, good fortune and success. Ganesh was gifted to me.

Istar was the next one, I purchased her and I haven't looked back once! She is what I call "the Kick Ass Goddess!" I love her! Istar is a triple goddess (maiden, mother, & matriarch). She shines her light on us that we may be aware of lower energy around us. She protects us and removes our fears. She can help us set healthy boundaries in our life and discover and heal our shadow side. I wasn't too crazy about how she worked in the beginning, I was speaking my mind and being very assertive and this was foreign to me, but now I "get things off my chest" quicker and with greater intention.

Qigong Classes

I'm taking action on the information that Suzanne shared with me in my astrology charting, the charts show that Qigong and Tai Chi are great practices for me to do, funny last week my acupuncturist recommended a Master to me. So, I will start taking the classes Saturday morning. All of this energy work, I hope that within a years time I will be in tip-top health and fitness. I also want to find a place to do the swimming exercises that I did years ago that helped me drop 2 pant sizes in a month. I loved that routine. I am very happy with myself for taking these actions and working on my well-being, health and fitness. I want to make sure that I also start using my mini-trampoline on a daily basis. It's right there, no reason not to use it. Mind over matter.

%@*$ Acupucturist!

Don't get me wrong, I love my acupuncturist, she has helped me eliminate my sensitivity to allergens and I haven't had bronchitis since I started going to her, she has also had a huge part in helping my folks recover from a horrific car accident (which has helped my stress and worry levels) I have just started to increase the number of sessions I have with her-having her be my "primary physician", at the last session we decided to work on removing fluids from my body and help improve my metabolism.

Well, the Chinese herbs (Ai Kans and Xiao Yao Wan) have been far too effective! I have spent more time in the bathroom than anywhere else over the past few days. Yesterday I added to my situation by having a hearty bowl of Red River hot cereal (cracked rye, wheat and flax seed) as if I needed more fiber while I'm doing this. I have had to make sure that I have been getting my electrolites in so I started drinking Joint Juice (better tasting than Pedialite) it also has B6, B12, Magnesium and Potassium. Glad that my schedule has allowed me to go through this without stress. I am cutting out the herbs today and giving my body a break! Ugh! I want to sleep 24 hours and not move.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Next Class Moved

The next LivingtheSpiral class has been rescheduled to start May 4th instead of March 2nd. Although I am impatient about getting cycle started, this gives me extra time to do my "homework" and get things aligned so that I can really make the best of the class.

Angels and Chakra

Last night I went to Serenity Now to see my friend Brooke and I ended up being drawn to my new Intention bracelet, Aligning Your Chakras. (That's #5!) That is exactly what I have been working on and it just leaped out at me at said "buy me!" Then Vanessa was conducting a class called "Speak to your Angels" and I ended up joining the class at the last minute.

After a very good guided meditation and feeling completely relaxed and releasing negativity, doubts and fears I was able to connect with several Angels: Haniel "Glory or Grace of God" who is helping me with emotional, encouragement and justice. I couldn't quite get the name of the next angel- it was too foreign sounding and spoken in such a hushed tone, but I felt the connection, so the next time I work at connecting with this Angel, I'll get his/her name.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's in the Stars

Yesterday I had my Astrological Chart done by Suzanne at Serenity Now! She does an extensive 90 minute taped reading. I've had others do my chart before and they were nothing like what Suzanne does! It was spot on. I was amazed. The thing that stood out the most to me is the emphasis on me traveling and/or living in a foreign country. This has been a dream of mine and I know now that I need to make it a reality. It also was saying that my Karmic Debt is to learn to accept and receive the fact that "People Love and Like you, just the way you are." I really think I am clearing up this karmic debt and being released from it. I feel so much lighter and vibrant.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Productive Day

I got soooo much done today and I am very happy about that. The great mood I started with after writing this morning's blog lasted all day long! I love being in a great mood, I love being productive and things flowing easily. I love volunteering at Serenity Now Books and Gifts. I love getting my car cleaned out and serviced, I love cleaning the kitchen sink, stove top and bathtub (can't wait for my next bubble bath in a spotless tub!) I love that I am getting things organized and cleaned up and out. I love that I can release stuff and give them away. I love that I have wonderful connections with my clients, I love the fact that in this economy I am not in fear of financial woes. I love that I am a bit of a Pollyanna. I love the smell of hazelnut and raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing (I will love the taste of it very soon!)

What I love

It has been 6 days since I last blogged, so much for daily postings. "Be gentle with myself" is my mantra, it is okay if I didn't blog, the world didn't stop and my journey didn't come to a skretching halt. It's been 6 days since Valentines day and I still am wearing green on a daily basis. I think my spirit is telling me that spending the extra time each day on the inner heart work.

The next LivingtheSpiral class has been moved to May 4th instead of March 2nd. I think this is great, it gives me more time to get myself more familiar and comfortable with this process.

Today, I finally took a look at the new Artful Blogging magazine, it is so full of visual inspiration! It has made me want to pick up a camera and learn how to take great photos. Most of all, one article stood out, a blogger posted about some of the things that she loves. It has inspired me to do the same. This love list is also an appreciation list, a thankful list, a reminder of how blessed I am list:

I love spending playdays with my mom, I love listening to my dad sing and play guitar, I love that my older brother is so great with computer problems, I love that my younger brother is in love with a very sweet girl, I love the conversations that Karen and I get into, I love that Phyllis and I say the same things at the same time, I love that Brooke is so generous and wise, I love that Cathleen helps me see things in a different perspective, I love that no matter now long it is between phone calls Shawna and I pick right up where we left off, I love that she has been my friend since we were teens, I love the vast potenial of blogging, I love google search, I love flickr, I love my email, I love facebook, I love my laptop, I love Garnier Nutri-Pure towelettes, I love my Angel Numbers book, I love Janet Evanovich books, I love Eckhart Tolle, I love Oprah, I love Course in Miracles, I love watching Tivo shows and skipping thru the commercials, I love LRH's Assists Processing Handbook, I love pears, I love V8 fruit juice with the veggies, I love frozen berries, I love vanilla yogurt, I love Earl Grey Tea with cream and sugar, I love the health food stores, I love Publix Greenwise store, I love memories of Maine, I love the smell of ginger citrus room spray, I love the candles and insense I burn to make the apartment smell so great, I love 200 page romance novels, I love Thai Spice restaurant, I love Marithon Grill Greek restaurant, I love soup and salad at the Olive Garden, I love listening to pop music on the radio in my car and singing along with it, I love YouTube, I love my roller crate to carry everything in and out of my clients homes/offices, I love the Anne of Green Gables series, I love BBC America, I love Monte Phython, I love guided meditation, I love that my accupucturist sits with me and asks me so many questions before each session, I love that I don't take any medications, I love that I've never been on an oral contraception, I love my hair being darker and not being a blond any more, I love that I still joke about being a blond, I love my lips, I love that I have fair skin, I love that I am curvy, I love jeans, I love my new hats, I love cheap costume jewelery, I love my Goddess Braceletts, I love Saturday morning Farmer's Market in St Pete, I love the road side veggie stand in Tarpon (the mangos are straight from Heaven), I love being on a back road with very little traffic and stop lights, I love the birds singing in the trees outside our lanai, I love listening to the raccoons bathing in the neighbors pool at two in the morning, I love the crazy lady downstairs talking to herself (not so crazy about her slamming the doors), I love that I live 400 feet from the Gulf of Mexico and that I have can walk along the bay, I love that I live 200 feet from the Pinellas Trail and that 25+ miles are available for me to walk, I love my mini-trampoline, I love having someone else wash my linnens for work, I love my new bathroom shower curtain, I love Diana Krall singing Cry Me a River, I love Ray LaMontagne singing anything, I love young Leon Jacksons new music, I love having a 1978 manual camera, I love webcam, I love Bergamont, I love Chai Tea latte, I love cheesy breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce, I love chocolate, I love seeds and nuts, I love dried fruit, I love smiling at people, I love my laugh when it's loud and full, I love giggling, I love saying "hello", I love faking a British accent, I love the Southern Belle drawl, I love my Maine accent that comes out when I'm tired, I love browsing through stores and picturing everything being mine, I love my "blessed board", I love writing poetry, I love learning to sing, I love waking up in a good mood, I love God, I love myself.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart Chakra

Happy Valentine's Day! A day to celebrate love. I haven't written for several days, and it has been a roller coaster. Since Cathleen's class ended on Monday I have been all over the place emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Had a yucky confront with my brother/roommate but somehow it ended being good for both of us- to air our upsets and get them confronted so that we can do our work to be better to each other. I just need to learn how to confront others with my upsets without getting so emotionally charged. At least it ended well and we are back to getting along better than before.

I have been very happy with work- my efforts in creating a a business website has paid off- I have picked up a new client and they are referring me to other new clients! Whoo Hoo! I have also been experiencing a resurgence of old clients coming back to me. I have also noticed that I feel better while working on clients, I can focus more and I can communicate better. I just feel better.

I haven't been doing the cycle for a few days, but I have been making better eating choices. The one thing that has been difficult has been sleeping. I am running on 3,4 or 5 hours of sleep. I can't settle down and get to bed.
Today I am wearing green- to amplify the inner heart work I am continually working on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heart Chakra

"Activating of Trinity light within". Unconditional love, Acceptance and Awakening. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To be the embodiment of this trinity. I don't think I'm anywhere near this goal, but now that I see that this is the what awaits me as I walk and work on this journey, I am very excited to be continuing this process.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Health and Healing Bracelet

Heading out to work wearing my health and healing bracelet from

This is an Feng Shui Intention bracelet guided by Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, and Mother Mary o Light green and pink In order for any illness to be healed the three main aspects that were out of balance must be brought back into alignment. Illness is emotional and spiritual, as well as, physical. Allow yourself to give and receive “LOVE” and prayers. Green and pink are combined to symbolize health, renewal, love and prayers. It is intended to send healing light to another or yourself. “It is very important to pray for others, because when you pray for someone, an angel goes and sits on the shoulder of that person.” The Virgin Mary to the children of Medjugorge. It is one of the tools God has given me to help me on my journey.