Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Angels and Chakra

Last night I went to Serenity Now to see my friend Brooke and I ended up being drawn to my new Intention bracelet, Aligning Your Chakras. (That's #5!) That is exactly what I have been working on and it just leaped out at me at said "buy me!" Then Vanessa was conducting a class called "Speak to your Angels" and I ended up joining the class at the last minute.

After a very good guided meditation and feeling completely relaxed and releasing negativity, doubts and fears I was able to connect with several Angels: Haniel "Glory or Grace of God" who is helping me with emotional, encouragement and justice. I couldn't quite get the name of the next angel- it was too foreign sounding and spoken in such a hushed tone, but I felt the connection, so the next time I work at connecting with this Angel, I'll get his/her name.

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