Thursday, February 26, 2009

Intension Bracelets

I thought I would share images of the rest of my Intention Bracelets, This is Ganesh, he was my first one and within the first week of having him on my wrist, my business tripled! Ganesh is a wonderful god of prosperity that brings peace , harmony and prosperity to any household that invites him in. He assists with artistic projects and writing, as well as, blesses any new venture - business or personal (marriage, engagement, birth of a child, etc.) When you invoke Ganesh, you will receive infinite blessings, good fortune and success. Ganesh was gifted to me.

Istar was the next one, I purchased her and I haven't looked back once! She is what I call "the Kick Ass Goddess!" I love her! Istar is a triple goddess (maiden, mother, & matriarch). She shines her light on us that we may be aware of lower energy around us. She protects us and removes our fears. She can help us set healthy boundaries in our life and discover and heal our shadow side. I wasn't too crazy about how she worked in the beginning, I was speaking my mind and being very assertive and this was foreign to me, but now I "get things off my chest" quicker and with greater intention.

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