Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart Chakra

Happy Valentine's Day! A day to celebrate love. I haven't written for several days, and it has been a roller coaster. Since Cathleen's class ended on Monday I have been all over the place emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Had a yucky confront with my brother/roommate but somehow it ended being good for both of us- to air our upsets and get them confronted so that we can do our work to be better to each other. I just need to learn how to confront others with my upsets without getting so emotionally charged. At least it ended well and we are back to getting along better than before.

I have been very happy with work- my efforts in creating a a business website has paid off- I have picked up a new client and they are referring me to other new clients! Whoo Hoo! I have also been experiencing a resurgence of old clients coming back to me. I have also noticed that I feel better while working on clients, I can focus more and I can communicate better. I just feel better.

I haven't been doing the cycle for a few days, but I have been making better eating choices. The one thing that has been difficult has been sleeping. I am running on 3,4 or 5 hours of sleep. I can't settle down and get to bed.
Today I am wearing green- to amplify the inner heart work I am continually working on.

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