Friday, February 20, 2009

What I love

It has been 6 days since I last blogged, so much for daily postings. "Be gentle with myself" is my mantra, it is okay if I didn't blog, the world didn't stop and my journey didn't come to a skretching halt. It's been 6 days since Valentines day and I still am wearing green on a daily basis. I think my spirit is telling me that spending the extra time each day on the inner heart work.

The next LivingtheSpiral class has been moved to May 4th instead of March 2nd. I think this is great, it gives me more time to get myself more familiar and comfortable with this process.

Today, I finally took a look at the new Artful Blogging magazine, it is so full of visual inspiration! It has made me want to pick up a camera and learn how to take great photos. Most of all, one article stood out, a blogger posted about some of the things that she loves. It has inspired me to do the same. This love list is also an appreciation list, a thankful list, a reminder of how blessed I am list:

I love spending playdays with my mom, I love listening to my dad sing and play guitar, I love that my older brother is so great with computer problems, I love that my younger brother is in love with a very sweet girl, I love the conversations that Karen and I get into, I love that Phyllis and I say the same things at the same time, I love that Brooke is so generous and wise, I love that Cathleen helps me see things in a different perspective, I love that no matter now long it is between phone calls Shawna and I pick right up where we left off, I love that she has been my friend since we were teens, I love the vast potenial of blogging, I love google search, I love flickr, I love my email, I love facebook, I love my laptop, I love Garnier Nutri-Pure towelettes, I love my Angel Numbers book, I love Janet Evanovich books, I love Eckhart Tolle, I love Oprah, I love Course in Miracles, I love watching Tivo shows and skipping thru the commercials, I love LRH's Assists Processing Handbook, I love pears, I love V8 fruit juice with the veggies, I love frozen berries, I love vanilla yogurt, I love Earl Grey Tea with cream and sugar, I love the health food stores, I love Publix Greenwise store, I love memories of Maine, I love the smell of ginger citrus room spray, I love the candles and insense I burn to make the apartment smell so great, I love 200 page romance novels, I love Thai Spice restaurant, I love Marithon Grill Greek restaurant, I love soup and salad at the Olive Garden, I love listening to pop music on the radio in my car and singing along with it, I love YouTube, I love my roller crate to carry everything in and out of my clients homes/offices, I love the Anne of Green Gables series, I love BBC America, I love Monte Phython, I love guided meditation, I love that my accupucturist sits with me and asks me so many questions before each session, I love that I don't take any medications, I love that I've never been on an oral contraception, I love my hair being darker and not being a blond any more, I love that I still joke about being a blond, I love my lips, I love that I have fair skin, I love that I am curvy, I love jeans, I love my new hats, I love cheap costume jewelery, I love my Goddess Braceletts, I love Saturday morning Farmer's Market in St Pete, I love the road side veggie stand in Tarpon (the mangos are straight from Heaven), I love being on a back road with very little traffic and stop lights, I love the birds singing in the trees outside our lanai, I love listening to the raccoons bathing in the neighbors pool at two in the morning, I love the crazy lady downstairs talking to herself (not so crazy about her slamming the doors), I love that I live 400 feet from the Gulf of Mexico and that I have can walk along the bay, I love that I live 200 feet from the Pinellas Trail and that 25+ miles are available for me to walk, I love my mini-trampoline, I love having someone else wash my linnens for work, I love my new bathroom shower curtain, I love Diana Krall singing Cry Me a River, I love Ray LaMontagne singing anything, I love young Leon Jacksons new music, I love having a 1978 manual camera, I love webcam, I love Bergamont, I love Chai Tea latte, I love cheesy breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce, I love chocolate, I love seeds and nuts, I love dried fruit, I love smiling at people, I love my laugh when it's loud and full, I love giggling, I love saying "hello", I love faking a British accent, I love the Southern Belle drawl, I love my Maine accent that comes out when I'm tired, I love browsing through stores and picturing everything being mine, I love my "blessed board", I love writing poetry, I love learning to sing, I love waking up in a good mood, I love God, I love myself.

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