Monday, March 9, 2009

Angel Touch

As I blogged this morning, I was doing basic breathing exercises in a chair and I had an amazing experience. My body was rocked, swayed, arms lifted, my neck adjusted, my back adjusted, my shoulders adjusted, I was in a fluid movement while sitting, then when it ended, my spine was hot, prickly, tingling heat. I was amazed! I had to tell someone, I called my friend Brooke, she made a great observation, "Donni you have been doing so much work over the past few years from all the spiritual healing, the mental/emotional healing and physical healing this is not surprising. When we ask for help and it comes knocking on the door most of us call the police because we believe there is an intruder knocking rather than that help has arrived."

I felt safe, fascinated, scared and relieved all at the same time! Wow! WOW!

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