Monday, March 30, 2009


In the last post I title it "Chakra and other crazy words". I failed to deliver my complete thought, it got too late to type any more and I had a long day in class. Can't be cranky in class because you don't get enough sleep from blogging into the wee hours.

I mentioned auras. I first want to state that I am not an expert in anything that I am talking about, these are just my ever so humble opinions.

It is becoming more and more common to hear of people "seeing auras" or "reading auras". Those New Age People. What are they talking about? Why can they see them and everyone else can't? More mystical, magical voo-doo? I think everyone can sense auras. You see a vibrant person who "shines" or "brightens up the room" when they walk in. Aura.

You see a couple who are deeply in love and there is that "glow" of love that envelopes them. Aura.

A person has a "black cloud" around them. Yes, negative energy is seen in the aura too.

So sensing is usually the first step. It's just not taught in schools and churches.

Auras are the energies that surround every single thing. Animate and Inanimate.

Have you ever heard the expression "there was an aura of mystery about that old house." Walked in to a room and felt the heebee geebees? Energy radiates from everything. Aura is the energy radiating beyond the physical borders of the object, person, animal.

Our moods can affect our auras. Our health too. You sense these things about people and things. You are just not trained to see it. But you can. You just need to learn how to. There are books and teachers who are trained to help others learn this.

So I think of chakras as the "internal energy" and auras as the "external energy". Just to keep it simple in my little ol noggin.

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  1. Yup, I agree.

    I have very strong senses. I can't see, but I can *really* feel.