Friday, March 27, 2009

Bra and Short? Are you Kidding Me?!

I am attending a training class this weekend, as required by my health care license. I will be learning Assisted Isolated Stretching, it's a great program to work with clients in helping them stretch tight muscles and increase their mobility and range of motion. I was very excited until I read the prep list: Massage Table, Bolster Pillows, light weight blanket, lotions/oils, must wear shorts and for female attendees, sports bras.

Gulp! No way! Ain't happening. In a class room that could have 30-50 people in it?
Please Lord, help me to drop 30 pounds by 7am in the morning. Miracles happen right?! To bad panic doesn't burn calories, I would have sweat off at least that much if not more.

Okay, find a safe thought..... " I am a vibrant, beautiful..." aw $&%* that is not going to work. What I really need to chant to myself is "I will not become the class clown to hide my bad feelings behind" I will just be professional and have my attention on learning all that I can to the best of my ability. It's not about me it's about the information that I need to absorb that can help my clients.

Public situations are getting harder and harder to face. But these are my peers, they are bodyworkers, they touch bodies my size or bigger. What am I freaking out for? Ego. It's got to be ego. The reality of my obesity smacks me upside the ego in public situations and ego doesn't like it. Letting it go.... go get that sports bra and short and shut up! Whining, I am whining a lot recently, must be the resistance, that's a good sign. If it hurts it must be touching a nerve of truth.


  1. You know what? I would wear a tshirt. And if they balk, I would protest. I don't do underwear in public, period. Never. I can't imagine that they could do anything about it.

    That draws the line, IMHO. I gave 110% when I worked, but I would allow my employer to force me to cross the line. Neither should you!

  2. I would NOT allowe my employer, that is.