Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Business card came in handy

I had a great experience today! I was at a gas station, who's pumps couldn't take credit/debit cards so customers had to go inside an pay for their fuel. How old fashioned is that? While I was fumbling around in my overstuffed purse for my money, I heard a very heated argument break out at the front of the line, there was only one clerk to handle about 10 people in line.

While I was sifting thru my purse I picked up my business cards and I had a crazy idea... I took two cards out and walked up to the two men really starting to get into it and I handed the cards to both of them, I said something like "here, I think you really need this!" They were shocked! Then they read my business card and they both started to laugh. As I made my way back into line I heard the clerk ask "what does it say?" One man read my business card out loud "Massage makes me happy!" Everyone in line started to laugh, I blushed like crazy, but I was quite pleased with myself, if I do say. It made me very happy to defuse that yucky moment.

Since I designed those cards I have hemmed and hawwed about whether or not they are too simple, too silly or if they will appeal to people. Today, they were perfect! I love my business cards. Simple green back ground with white lettering. Nuf said. (giggled all the way home!)

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  1. How sweet is that! That is a good moment for you.... and good that you were there.... those people really do need that!