Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chakra and other crazy words

I was reading a post script from Jo and I could really related to her comments. Chakra is a foreign word in a foreign language that has become a buzz word in our modern American culture. Chakra, because it seems a bit mystical and magical we wonder if this can be accepted in a christian based society.

I don't think this blog is my forum to explain my person beliefs, but if you spend any time reading my posts, you can quickly realized that I will quote the bible in one sentence and a eastern text in the next and a quote from the Course in Miracles in the next.

I keep my ideas very simple, not much room up there in the ol noggin to be very complex, I like to reserve enough space in the memory banks for remembering my favorite commercial jingles.

In keeping things simple, I have come to think of Chakra just as energy in the body. And just like the blood can get blocked (blood clots), lymph can get blocked, the digestive system gets blocked (constipation) so can enrgy get blocked. All our systems are run as flowing systems, we feel good when everything is flowing. We feel yucky when our systems don't flow.

The great think about energy blocks in the body is that we don't have to medicate the problem. If you have every studied Homeopathy which teaches to "treat like with like" so to handle an energy problem in the body you treat it with .... energy. Simple, free and an infinate supply all around you, just like air.

Now why hasn't western culture acknowledged the energy system of the body? Because the eastern theories and practices believe that the energy body extends to "outside" the body and that just doesn't easily compute in our little ol noggins.

But what is ironic to me is that when you see Christian portraits of Jesus, or the Mother Mary you see them with these shining golden/white lights surrounding them- yep, auras or energy bodies. Potato-Potato.

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  1. I am addicted to your blog, I wish you would write more often. I appreciate your views on life and your humor, and I enjoy you educating me.