Friday, March 20, 2009

Energize you Heart- In 4 Dimensions

This is the title of the book that I just started reading this morning. Just after reading a few pages, I already want to quote most of what I have read!

"Consider you heart to be the container of energy. What is the energy that the heart contains? We call this energy "love." We mean by this not some romantic, poetic notion, but a powerful energy that drives your unconscious decisions, draws people and resources to you, inspires your most creative ideas, and gives you the self-confidence and courage to follow them."

"The heart (physical) is a kind of transmitter, similar to an FM radio, like an FM radio transmitter, your heart produces a variable frequency that conveys a complicated message. If you heart rate was perfectly constant, it would convey no meaning other than a timer; it would sound like a single, steady note. But your heart rate is much more complex, sounding more like an orchestra of many "voices". Those voices convey a great deal of information about your physical and emotional state. Your heartbeat is a centralized, coordinating message broadcasting from your heart to every cell."

"Because the heart rate encodes the emotional state, it is literally true that the emotion of the heart is broadcast throughout the physical body as the pulse causes every cell to throb. As the cells pick up the heartbeat they adjust themselves to the current emotional condition. Therefore, emotion is felt everywhere at once: all your cells sing when you're happy, and physical discomfort is widespread when you're emotionally miserable."

This is such a wonderfully written book! I have been practicing Reiki and mediation and all kinds of things, focusing on the heart and I think this information was part of the "missing link" to my complete understanding of the energy/physical/emotional/spiritual connection! WOW!

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