Thursday, March 19, 2009

Failure: the secret to success

Just watched a Honda short film, yep Honda. It was entitled Failure, the secret to success. Made me stop and think about the importance of failure. Yep, importance. Without it we wouldn't know now how to measure our successes. We wouldn't be thankful for every success, we wouldn't strive to do more or to do better.

I have said it many times before that losing weight and getting healthy has been my hardest failure. One area in my life that has defeated me over and over again. But these failures have apparently been necessary. For what? I don't know exactly, but I think as I go thru this process- living the spiral (which I will be starting again May 4th) this is were I need to focus my efforts, really get to the root of this question.

Make these failed efforts into stepping stone towards absolute success. Well, this battle that I am waging has been going on for over 15 years- I think I've gotten battle weary, complacent to the chaos and disheartened, maybe this is my Stockholm Syndrome- love the enemy.

I feel that I need to really ask Spirit to not only bring inspiration to me, not only knowledge of "how-to", but to also bring people into my life who can really help me do this, I really feel that I cannot do it alone. I am thankful to Cathleen for making her process available, the courage to write her book and self-publish it. Now I think I really need to have help with the exercise aspect.

Maybe I need to really look at all the ways I have failed, list them out one-by-one and face them them head on instead of sweeping them under the rug and pretending they didn't happen. Maybe what I don't know is "what are my failures?". Gird my egos loins- this is going to hurt.

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