Friday, March 20, 2009

Falling apart

Boy, today I feel old and worn out. I think the warantee ran out years ago. I now am experiencing a problem with bruxism and sinus infection the two have created a good amount of pain in the jaw, cheek, mouth and a tooth. I have gone to the dentist, the acupuncturist, the chiropractor and have had two massages in the last week since this all started.

I immediately keyed into the pain I experienced two years ago from an infection from a cracked tooth that led to trigeminal neuralgia- OMG! Never again, this is not that and this is not heading in that direction.

I think this has a lot to do with my mood swings over the last few days. That and needing to eat baby food type of things and drinking only room tempature foods and drinks. Really needing to work at being joyful, happy or at least not cranking and weepy. Small victories, very small victories. Minute victories, microscopic victories.

Bruxism is actually caused by grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw, stress related. I have noticed this happening more and more over the past six or so months. Waking up with my jaw clenched. Feeling it tighten up while working. Right now I realize that I am tight. I think the exercises from my singing lessons really has brought this to the forefront. Now I need to address it and handle it. Rembering: Spirit can take care this for me, EFT Techniques help, deciding that it is no longer necessary to experience and to release it. Who knows, maybe this is a message that the Massage Therapist needs to relax and let go. Ironic. LOL.

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