Thursday, March 5, 2009

Freedom of Forgivenss

I went to Cathy Slaght the other day for the SCIO session in order to "pull the plugs" of the energy that I have taken on from others (A common occurrence for healers) and how these energies have been a contributor in my weight gain. During the SCIO session what came up the most was "Fear of Abandonment" this is a generational issue- started many generations ago, mothers passing away very young, fathers never being in the picture, mothers walking away from their children. I have not been abandoned by my parents, but by boyfriends, friends and church members. I have not allowed many people into my life because of this fear of being left alone. So this is where I think I need to focus my forgiveness. "I forgive all those who have abandoned my family members". The definition of forgive is "untie". That is why it is a freedom- to be released from the bondage of fear, hate and distruction.

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