Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I woke up this morning to the clear message from Spirit "You need to make things right with your friend". When I wake up to these messages from Spirit, I know that I really need to act on them and I have always been better off for listening, a more importantly, acting when Spirit gives me these messages.

What isn't right with things between my friend and I? Me. I realized as I prayed about this situation this morning that I have been trying to push something on to my friend, a gift that I wanted her to have and I realized that it really isn't something she wants. So I wrote her a lengthy email message to apologize to her and to try and make things right. Not that she would probably even think it's a problem that needs an apology for. But I know that I need to make amends and clear the air and ensure that these doesn't happen again.

Yep. The problem is a gift. I have not been honoring her desires for what she wants and needs, because I have only been thinking about what I want to give her. Ugh! Not that this is a huge friendship deal breaking problem, but it has given me great pause for thought. I am starting to wake up to the fact that gift giving in its most sincere form is not about what we want but what they want. I hope that by waking up and hearing this message from spirit will put me in to higher consciousness of what it really takes to be a great friend and gift giver. You never know what message Spirit is trying to give, even the so-called "little stuff" like making sure that our intentions with loved ones are for their highest good and not just our ego based ones.

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