Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get Moving! Get Outside!

I have been holding up in my apartment for way too long. I have got to get outside and start getting exercise and fresh air! I have award winning beaches and islands and parks right in my backyard. I am minutes away from Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island! I have a 35mm camera that is old but good, that I could be learning how to take photos of my own.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, I can relate to you a lot... It is good you wrote this to remind others to do this as well! I hope you write and post photos you do when your out and about!

  2. Oh wow! I didn't realized people have made comments about my posts! I am new to blogging. I started this blog to make myself record my experiences- I have never been good at journaling! I actually hate it! So this is making me stop and look at the day-to-day stuff and then see what progress I make or why I don't make progress. I know that my beliefs and practices are a bit unorthodox, but this is me. It is a bit scary to put these stuff out there where others can see and read. I hope to get some time soon to read your blog too! I have just started following other's blogs- didn't realize I could do that until recently.

  3. I really love your blogging method... I like that you are yourself. I am still discovering who I am... your blogs help me a lot! I would be glad if you read mine... when I get to blog it really helps me relax and record important thoughts I would forget otherwise. We are moving today and tomorrow.. that will be an interesting topic to read I hope.