Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goddess Inside and Out!

Last year I wrote a poem. I wanted it to be my inspiration for loving myself. Loving the body that I have. But I just haven't got there. I want to feel this way. I want to know it as truth. This is the next things I want to manifest: "Love myself, just the way I am."

I am womanly

to the very marrow of my bones
my curves defy the trends
I am the embodiment of poetry of the ancients
I am a muse to the God of Plenty.

I am womanly
silken skin drapes across my
ample bosom, hips and thighs
I celebrate my luxurious form,
the line of my back is Divine!

I am Womanly
the temptation of Adam
a succulent fruit
that will quench the thirst
and create a hunger.

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