Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am a Major Manifestor!

That isn't bragging, if we think about it we all are Major Manifestors. I used to think I had to do some amazing feat or to spend long hours in meditation and prayer. I don't have any great magic trick to make manifesting happen. I don't do any long ceremony. I don't even have a mantra or an affirmation that I say on a daily basis.

Yesterday I was all stressed out over my roommate being out of work and not being able to pay the rent, I was "stewing in my juices" and in terrible affect to it all. Luckily I turned to several friends who reminded me that I can step away from the situation, pray about it and release it to Spirit.

So I stopped worrying. I simply stopped all thought about the situation. This must be what it means to "turn it over to God". I started to look around me and being appreciative. I didn't even spend too long doing this, maybe a minute. I was thankful I walked up the stairs to my apartment and didn't feel winded. I was thankful that the pollen was no longer coating the stair railing. I was thankful that I was home before the moon was up. I was thankful that I didn't need to go to the store to get food for dinner. It was enough to get me out of the nasties and into a better frame of mind.

This afternoon, the situation is solved. He got a job! Now, I just need to trust this truth and realize it is like this for me in every aspect of my life. My own business, my health, my happiness.
Through God- ALL things are possible.
No small print.
No exceptions.

And since I became aware of this wonderful miracle, I have realized that my amazing manifestations happen very quickly! The great thing about this is that only the really great stuff manifests itself. The negative crap that I dwell on goes away when I wake up from the illusionary belief and it all goes bye bye very quickly. I LOVE THAT!

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