Saturday, March 7, 2009

Messy, Messy, Messy

I woke up this morning and didn't feel good. I stopped and took stock of what is going on with me right now. I realized that I need to clean my environment up, de-clutter, organize, get rid of stuff and do a deep clean of my car, my home and my business. I am feeling the effects of overwhelm because I have let things pile up, literally. I have been in a "gathering" mode and now it has taken over.

I want space. Clear, clean space. So I have set aside Monday as my Space cleaning day. I am actually very happy to do my Spring Cleaning.

I will start with my car- which is also my Office-on-Wheels! I decluttered it a few weeks ago and somehow it has got filled up again! Massage table, massage chair, sheets galore, oils, lotions, music cds, massage books, papers, mail that I haven't looked at, directions to clients homes, a lamp, and more paper.

The area around my computer- I've taken over the dinning table- is piling up, more books about massage, more unread mail, tax papers, massage DVDs, Reiki DVDs, suppliment bottles! I am amazed I have room to type!

The kitchen, it's clean, just not very organized! My roommate brought in a whole new set of cookware and it is scattered here and there. I also need to clean out the fridge.

My bedroom! OMG! I need to really get my closet organized. I have never really done this since I moved in (a year ago!) it is the real source of my clutter dilema- I need to organize my clothes, my books and my papers here so that they stop overflowing into all the other places. I have curtains I bought last year that I have not hung, I have a bed skirt that is still in the package, I have a rocking chair that I can no longer see- it has become a dumping depot for clothes.

I know that this is the source of much of my distress- I have been in gathering mode, bringing new things to me and I did not make space for it- I have been defying a basis Universal Law, no wonder I am feeling scattered and overwhelmed. It is literally my personal space, not my mind, or my spirit, it's my space. What an effect it has on the mind and spirit.

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