Friday, March 20, 2009

more from Energize the Heart

"The heart also emits energy as visible light- all hearts do, and when you energize your heart you can make this bio-luminescence stronger, leading to the condition that people recognize as "radiant". The light emitted from the heart is experienced as the color of the sun, yellow... it is telling that the common expression for a generous and radiant person is to say he or she has a "heart of gold."

"The heart is like a lake and the mind is like its surface. The heart and mind affect each other the way the depth and the surface of the lake interact. The movement of emotion within the heart creates waves of thoughts on the surface, and steady thoughts swept by the persistent wind at the surface of the lake can create a movement within the heart of the lake."

"The mind changes quickly, like the pattern of the wind-driven ripples on the surface of the lake. The heart's direction is enduring, like the powerful current that runs deeply through the lake's depth. It's steady direction of the heart's desire that gives one a compass in life."

"Breathing is the only activity of the body that can be performed either consciously or unconsciously. All other bodily functions are permanently assigned to either unconscious control or conscious control.

When you breathe consciously, the part of the brain that was performing unconscious breathing is freed up to take on a new task that is otherwise not normally performed-it serves as a shuttle to convey information between your conscious and unconscious. Therefore, in meditation you will notice a surge of creativity as images and stored impressions emerge from unconscious levels of your heart onto the screen of your mind."

"We intuitively understand much about the highly-prized quality called heart, and our culture has many words to describe it. An energized heart is magnetic instead of reserved; deep instead of shallow; big-hearted and tender-hearted instead of tight and stiff; generous and creative, not afraid of change; warm not cool; courageously lion-hearted instead of timid; optimistic, never pessimistic. A person with an energized heart is welcomed wherever he or she goes, and creates a feeling in the hearts of others that makes them energized as well."

"America in particular has a romantic culture, idealizing the search for a perfect mate, rather than learnig to live with an assigned mate as in some older cultures. America also has a high divorce rate because the emphasis is on finding someone with a good heart rather than developing a good heart. If the beloved one disappoints or breaks the lover's heart, then the condition is often seen as terminal, rather than a natural occurrence in the affairs of the heart, to be healed and to stand as a testament of the lover's dedication."

Okay, this is gettin too long, I want to quote the whole book! Love it! It is just what I needed to focus on today, to get past my worries, aches, pains, fears. Spirit always guides me to the right things to read, see and experiences. I bought this book on a whim, I walked in to my friends store, went to the book case , picked it up, looked at the cover "I want this" thought went through my mind, and I didn't pick it up until this morning, after praying for answers that kept me up most of the night. Spirit is always with me. My God is an awesome God!

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