Sunday, March 22, 2009

Neutral Heart

Still reading the Energize your Heart book, they have a website with a "Heart Index" questionanaire (
My results:

Catagory/ Score/Direction of Heart
Forward heart- Courage /3.5/ Streaming
Height- Idealization /3.6/ Rising
Width- Collaboration /3.8/ Widening
Inner- Capacity /3.6/ Expanding
Depth-Compassion /3.3/ Downward

based on a scale of 1-5
>3= growth

Not surprised that I currently am operating in a fairly neutral heart space. In other words Boring, Blah, Dishwater Dull, Ugh! I hope that by doing some of these meditation exercises that I can bump up those numbers greatly. Okay, I'm being hard on myself every number shows that I am working on growth, that is not totally neutral- it's just that for so long I have felt neutral or as I define it: Blah, dishwater dull, boring, colorless.

I hope that by doing this process with Cathleen again I will feel vibrant, engaging, active, healthy and purposeful. I hope that during this time of preparation, getting all my ducks in a row; that I gather up all the tools that I need to get started and to be successful. I hope that I can face all the things that I need to face about myself and why I haven't been successful in the past.

Next week I plan to really delve into my list of why's and why nots.

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