Thursday, March 26, 2009

Older than I look.

The picture of me in my profile was taken a few months ago. I don't normal even get in front of a camera, but I wanted a photo of myself for this blog. I was quite pleased with it. It's from my webcam no less. I was thinking "I look pretty young for my age".
Then today I took the RealAge questionnaire. I am 42.2 chronological years old. But the results of that quiz has me at 51.9!
So here is reality. Youthful face, old body. Not that 51.9 is "old" just when the difference is 9.7 years! That is scary. That is shocking. That is shameful. That is sickening.
Okay, all my good mood from earlier and my desire to accept myself just the way I am just flew out the window. I could easily just sit here and cry and resign myself to this horrible truth, but I have to let this be a place to start from and to work my way back to being youthful and vibrant. This was a big ol kick in the patootie. OMG!

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  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I just took the Real Age test again. I haven't taken it in a few years. I am 43.9 months old and on the real age test, I scored 58.4. My mom died at age 59. What a shocker!!!