Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pure Happiness

Found this photo while I was looking at other blogs and I was immediately struck by the simple happiness that is so evident in this little one's face. 100% pure happiness. Why?

What makes us happy? What gives us the giggles? What fills us up so completely that we are in rapture? How many minutes go by without this feeling? How many hours? How many days? How many months? How many years?

This little one doesn't have a long resume of accomplishments, awards, recognitions, skills, no book knowledge, no laundry list of experiences, no address book full of names, no emails, no twitters, no facebook contacts, no plans for tomorrow, no list of goals or even dreams, no board full of pictures of what he/she wants to have or do, not even to the age of "I want to be...when I grow up" yet.

His/her little life is about waking up, eating, drinking, stretching out, looking around, touching, being touched, listening, peeing, pooping, being cleaned up, napping, sleeping, crying, giggling, laughing, seeing daylight, seeing darkness, feeling the temperature inside and outside, knowing love, giving love without dogma, doctrine, philosophy, without how-to books, cds, dvds, websites, or lectures. Just being.

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