Sunday, March 1, 2009


I woke up this morning to the sounds of the wind whipping through the palm fronds and the wind chimes singing loud and vigorously! Ah, stormy weather- today for the first time I think I like these sounds. Usually I like to wake up to whispered, hushed sounds. But today, let the heavens open up and stir the energy and get me going.

I grabbed a bowl of cereal and turned on my computer to start researching QiGong and Tai Chi. Yesterday I was speaking to Bud, a crusty old navy sailor who has embraced his spiritual side through Reiki, Tai Chi, QiGong and Falun Dafa, he was a wealth of information! He told me about a Qigong exercise of "droppping your arms-naturally" that will work with blood purification, bone marrow purification and even malignancy clearing- to do so one must drop their arms from 800-1800 times in one session. I immediately was interested and fearful of this practice- the fear is based on my professional need to ensure that my arms can function to do massage and the idea of 1800 exercises made me visualize shoulder joint fatigue.

So, I got online and found Ken Cohen a QiGong Master out of Colorado, who's book I used to have, has a DVD that teaches these moves. Yeah!

I have got to start moving Qi- I have got to start moving period! I must start incorporating exercises into my daily practice.

I have my mini-trampoline, I have the Pinellas Trail 400 feet from my home and I have exercise DVDs up the wahzoo! I have got to start moving my Qi and get rid of the stagnation that is keeping me from feeling good.

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