Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remember the Creative Moments

It was not that long ago I was writing poetry on a daily basis, it flowed from me freely and I loved the process, the creativity. I have been feeling very stifled and missing those creative times. The poem that has come back to me the most is "Midnight Invitation" I wrote this after I got word that Ariel had passed away tragically in a motor accident. I wanted to celebrate life, to honor how I viewed her life- vibrant and wonderful.

Midnight Invitation

Fragrant air whispers an invitation through the ancestral lace at the open window, ambient sound created by nature’s nocturnal orchestra
beckoning me to step out into the waxing moonlit night and partake in the primordial rhythm of life pulsating in every corner of the darkness.

The incessant pentameter of the hallway clock speaks to me of man’s obsession with time and space. I ignore its message of how few the hours are till obligations will be laid once again at my table. I grab my wrap and my feet make haste to the back door.

Crossing over the threshold of structure and propriety, my toes curl with delight into the dewy blades of grass, a child like giggle escapes my smiling lips. The giggle builds into a joyous laugh that erupts from the depths of my being, followed by a wistful sigh that is filled with appreciation and thankfulness for these stolen moments.

Honeysuckle vine, heavy with rich nectar spread out along the weathered wooden arbor, relinquishing its sweet succulent essence to the zephyr wind that tickles the tender white bloom to capture the scent and presents it to me as a gift, one that holds me in rapturous awe as I breath deeply into the night.

What delights for the senses await me just beyond the dense formidable hedge? Out there in the vast fields of willowy grass that sway to an fro in effortless precision, my heart pounds loudly in my chest and I rush forward with ardor and abandonment.

There, in that heaving sea of muted green and gold fronds, the moonbeams cast their magical rays of light down to grace me with tender kisses upon my upturned face as I watch Cassiopeia dance just beyond the passing clouds. I twirl in clockwise circles and align myself to north’s true compass, I am vast and expansive, singular and minute and all is calm and all is chaos, the pendulum of life is anchored in the palm of my hand.

In those blessed moments, I bask in my human form as earth and heaven converge within my heart. Then, quietly I turn. Walking slowly back to the warm comforts of brick and mortar. I am forever awakened from within and sleep will never more be the shackles of the trance of human complacency. My blood runs hot and my thoughts are clear and my purpose has changed since Midnight’s invitation.

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    I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for following my blog. How was I to know that I would be rewarded with a beautiful poem. Thanks for making my day!