Monday, April 6, 2009

Before Pixs

I spent some time in front of the camera today. Getting those Before Pix was at first really really hard for me to confront. But then I thought, I can make this a creative experience. The photos don't need to look like mugshots. Once I got into the feel of play the photos went better. I'm still not brave enough to post full body photos, but I was really surprised how I enjoyed taking my picture and I am determined not to pick out all my flaws. One thing about webcam is that there isn't too much you can do to alter the picture, almost like a Polaroid (what you see is what you get).


  1. Hello Donni, your blog site struck a chord of interest in me. I found your weight dilemma to be in conflict with you list of reading material. Specifically; Tolle and Wilber who both expound the concept of oneness which in turn you aver is a mainstay for your daily living. If ALL IS GOD, then why do we need to be ashamed of anything, especially our appearance? The ego being a funny filter is somehow encouraging you to separate yourself from your Godly reality. You are God, God is love, you are the perfect manifestation of love. As such you are most beautiful in whichever vehicle of conciousness is experienced. I would further maintain that every aspect of conciousness is beauty personified. Oneness is understanding that all creation is perfection so the next time we feel obligated to value one aspect of God as being greater than another remember it is just the ego separating you from love. Good luck and be don't do.

  2. They're really beautiful shots. Very pretty missus!

  3. Well I think you are gorgeous, and I'm not just saying that. The photos are fantastic, and I hope to see more of them! I know I hate to have my picture taken, and when old friends contact me I always email photos from 2003 when I had lost weight, never anything current. I'm always trying to move my face around so my big double chin doesn't show! I even practiced poses in the mirror before I went to get my new driver's license last month! Like, who even sees that photo?!?! It was hard for me to put a "before" photo on my blog, but I made myself do it. How will I know how far I've progressed, if I can't look back to see where I started from?