Friday, April 3, 2009

Beyond the 5 senses

I don't think this is about the subject at hand, but for some reason I am ment to post it here and I have learned that when I am compelled to do something it usually serves a purpose beyond what I can see at the moment.
This is a poem that I wrote a while back. More like a work-in-progress than a finished piece.

Beyond the 5 Senses

Skip past the obvious
The senses that keep us from living up to our fullest potential
Keeping us suspended just above the primordial quagmire
Of the human experience.

Move onto the infinite
time and space does not matter
Matter does not matter
Other senses are not required
Extra sensory perception is not needed
Go to where we practice our knowingness .

Knowing is absolute
we converge with the universe.
Go beyond Freud’s explanation
Reach further than the ego
See past the Superego
Stand where truth is understood
joy is felt
the hearts desire is fulfilled.

Bring knowingness back
To the body, the mind and the heart
experience the awakening of all the senses
With knowingness.

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