Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bountiful Feast of Affirmations

Feel the love up in here! Hallelujah! The only thing about to starve is the Negativity I have encased my body in. Every ounce of fat is Negativity. Now to start listing out all the affirmations and to look at them daily and to say them out loud at least 20 times a day! If you say it, it becomes true! What is true for you, it true for you and no one can take it away from you.

I, Donni, can lose weight just by the power of my mind.

It is easy for me, Donni, to lose weight.

Nothing terrible will happen to me, Donni, no matter what I weigh.

I, Donni, am now eating my way to thinness.

I, Donni, can now get my body exactly right.

This diet always works perfectly.

This is taking the right amount of time.

It is working now!

I, Donni, can definitely resolve this weight problem.

I, Donni, always win with food.

Bread is not fattening. I, Donni, can eat bread and be slim.

Candy bars are not fattening. I, Donni, can eat candybars and be slim.

I, Donni, can be slim and stay slim eating ice cream.

The most pleasurable foods are not fattening to me, Donni. They are actually slimming.

I, Donni, will not die whether I eat or not.

Food is not the most important thing to me, Donni.

I, Donni, do not think about food all day long.

Food is safe for me, Donni.

I love food, but I, Donni, can take it or leave it.

I, Donni, do not need to stuff my feelings, with food.

I, Donni, can feel emotions and not need to eat to cope with my emotions.

Love is always first for me, Donni, and then I don't need food to get love.

My body processes everything I, Donni, eat automatically to maintain my perfect weight of 115 pounds.

Everything I, Donni, eat turns to health and beauty.

I, Donni, deserve the pleasure I receive from eating.

I, Donni, am losing weight and gaining beauty now.

I, Donni, am pleasing myself whether I eat or not.

That which is pleasurable to me, Donni, no longer has any undesirable consequences.

All food I, Donni, attract is good for me and I eat it with gratitude and appreciation of the pleasure it gives me.

My metabolism is responding to the new instructions that I, Donni, am giving it.

My hormones are balanced and functioning perfectly.

My electrolytes are stable and functioning perfectly.

I, Donni, am well hydrated.

I, Donni, have the right to change my parents' rules about eating.

I, Donni, can say no without losing others' love.

Calories have no power over me, Donni.

My mind rules my body.

It is safe to be thin.

I, Donni, love my body.

I, Donni, am successful in my weight loss saying these affirmations.

I, Donni, am successful in my health and wellness with Cathleen's LivingtheSpiral.

I, Donni am successful in my weight loss using The only Diet There Is.

I, Donni, sleep well each and every night.

I, Donni, do not worry about food, diet, exercise.

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