Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gorgeous for God

Today I came across a new book; Gorgeous for God is based on A Course in Miracles, and was designed to inspire you to remember that you are whole and perfect as God created you. To remember the truth (that you are not a body) takes discipline and practice. The authors blog posted the following (yeah someone who also has long posts!) Tomorrow I am going to go to my friends store, Serenity Now, and order this book.

Lesson 84 from A Course in Miracles says:

Love created me like itself.
Love holds no grievances.

There is a powerful lesson I have learned over the years, and it will transform your life 100%.

Here it is:

If you want to activate the light in your brother (or in yourself) you must respond to the light in him (or yourself) in order to ignite it.

It’s the only way!!!

What this means is that if you are trying to get your brother to change, bring out the good in him. Search for the light in him and bring that light alive. Remind him of the truth of himself. Remember, you are all powerful! You have the power to ignite a flame in every single person you see and think of. Give him a compliment. Show him his strengths. Tell him what he is doing right.

And this goes for yourself.

I was reminded of this by my good friend Tanja Seely who has an ACIM website The Light Has Come. She is an extraordinary Teacher of God - clear, practical and beautiful. Always giving. She is on facebook and now that facebook has a new set-up, you can see everyone’s comments. It’s like an open book over there - you can what everyone is writing. I started to notice how active Tanja is with spreading joy everywhere. She is lighting magnificent fires everywhere! People get happy around her. She is lighting up the world with love!

A lot of people falsely believe that criticism or correction is the best way to bring about change. But let’s look at this logically.

First of all: think about how you react when someone criticizes you. Do you expand in joy or do you shut down thinking what a failure you are?

When you point out someone’s faults (or your own), you are speaking to the darkness in them (or yourself). And the darkness responds. Light does not respond while you are speaking to darkness. The darkness simply grows deeper and darker.

You must speak to the light (in yourself and in your brother) to get the light to respond.

If you want love, give love.
If you peace, give peace.
If you want appreciation, give appreciation.
If you want Heaven, give Heaven.

If your life is hell, then you must be giving hell.
If your life is dark, you must be giving darkness.

A Course in Miracles is a mathematical certainty. 2+2=4.

When you give love, you get love.
When you give criticism, you get criticism.
When you attack, you get attack.

Someone on facebook the other day wrote “Anger is like a boomer-rang. So much so that it should be called BOOMER-ANGER.”

Knowing this, I don’t send anger out. It’s just gonna fly straight back at me and hit me square between the eyes.

Love is also a boomer-rang. You send it out and it comes right back atcha ya! And it doubles and picks up energy as it’s flying out there so that by the time it comes back to you, it’s double!! it’s triple! You send out a drop of love to your brother, and you get an ocean back.

Try this like a Science Experiment. Test it out in your life.

Love created me like itself. I cannot suffer, I cannot experience loss and I cannot die. I am not a body. I would recognize my reality.

You’re all light. You are love.

I am determined not to attack my Self today, so that I can remember Who I am.


  1. Hi Donni! It's Lisa Natoli. Thanks for the great shout out!!!! A friend just forwarded me your message. Wow. Thank you. I appreciate it. yes, I write long blog posts. LOL. I try to keep them short, but it never works. I see in your profile you are constantly trying to lose weight - I have started a new site healing food addiction through A Course in Miracles:

    In appreciation and love,

  2. This is perfect for me, lately I have been down on myself a lot... this blog post really helped me! Thank you!!

  3. Thank Lisa! It's her work! I can't believe she's read my blog! Too Cool!