Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Recommend a Blog....

I have found a new obsession, forget food, forget everything! When I read I roar out loud! I have even snorted. I love it! The writers are absolutely hysterical. I told a friend about it yesterday and she wants to write a letter to her toaster. It's like Sienfeld- letters about nothing.

I think I want to write a letter to the passenger seat of my car. It would be an apology letter, saying how sorry I am that I have spilled so many sodas and bottles of water on it and how it has been over run with food wrappers. I would make a vow of promise to allow it to see the light of day and even clean it up well enough that a person could actually sit in it. The passenger seat who had an identity crisis- it thought it was a garbage can. The photo here at least makes my car look good! Although when I moved back east from Omaha I traveled in a car that was slightly less packed like this!

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  1. It's really a good blog.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Happy Easter.