Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Masterful Manifestor Once Again!

A common theme that I know I won't be able to resist posting is about Manifestation. Not to talk about or at least acknowledge is impossible. I am such a huge believer in the Power of Positive Thought. I have learned over the past 6 years that I have been practicing this on pretty much a daily basis, that what I feed my brain matters to what I think about, what I achieve and what opportunities come to me.

I was practicing this before The Secret even came out. Not to say that I am not thankful that The Secret happened, because since it did, there are a lot more people who I can talk to about my beliefs and they aren't thinking I'm side show freak. "Donni's on her Pollyanna Soapbox again, run away! run away!"

I am continually realizing that I AM a MASTER MANIFESTOR! That all the things I want are coming to me. Case in point: Back in November/December of 2008 I realized that I really need to make a huge change in my life, I need to travel, I need a more national/international experience, that I need to be a part of a team and act more as a leader. These are on my Bucket List of things to do/be before I push up daisies.

Last night I was talking to a friend who I've recently renewed a connection with. In our conversation she spoke of her business plan that she will be presenting to investors in the next several months. It will have her developing a team of people who will travel around the country delivering training seminars and also have a non-profit aspect to it. My ears perked up and I could feel my heart pounding a bit faster. To keep the story short, she offered me the opportunity to join her on the road. Eventually she sees her business going International! I told her I'm on board, what ever she needs, I'll do it! (Time to do the happy dance! Whoo Hoo!)

So, if Spirit is so great at helping me Manifest such great things in my life, what is the hold up with manifesting weight loss? Manifesting a healthy exercise regime? Manifesting a love life?
Last year I wanted to take some time off- I came into some money and I was able to take a vacation. I wanted new furniture, it came to me. I wanted to move to a new apartment, the opportunity came. Now, I wanted this to happen and it was delivered in exactly the package that I asked for. WHY NOT WEIGHT LOSS?

Well, anything to do about work, I've not had any problems with, my beliefs in my work ability and the opportunities that come to me are not blocked with doubts or fears. Weight Loss and Relationships are a totally different species. They are riddled with fear, doubt and wrong beliefs.

I need to take the time and look at what weeds I'm planting along side the seeds of success, and we all know that weeds grow faster than any other kind of plant, they can grow fast and they can choke out all other plants. So I need to tend my garden and root up those weeds and get rid of them so that the seeds of success can grow and flourish! Let them see the light of day.

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