Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miracle of the Day

A Course in Miracles. Years ago I attended a book group who where studying the book ACIM. I was glad to be doing it with a group because it is not an easy read. At the start of each gathering everyone would share their "Miracle of the Week". That is the whole basis of ACIM, to start seeing the miracles of the day. Knowing that every day is filled with little miracles or HUGE-life-altering miracles, and most of the time people aren't paying attention to them.

I remember sharing an experience of my weekly miracle:
I am can be a bit demanding when it comes to customer service. I get annoyed with bad service. One weekend a friend and I went camping. It was a holiday weekend and the State Park that we went to was filling up fast. As I was standing in line and "patiently" waiting, I could see and hear the park employee who was an older woman getting a bit testy with other people she was assisting. I stood there and said to myself "if she gives me attitude, I am going to give it right back and then some!"

Right then and there the Miracle happened! Bamb! Spirit softened me, it made me take in more of what what really going on. I started to really observe this woman, here she was surrounded by day visitors to the park who were expressing their intense upset that they couldn't bring alcohol into the park and they were extremely upset that they couldn't get their drunken partying on. She was in a tiny hut without any evidence of air conditioning and there didn't seem to be anyone helping her. Compassion came into my heart. Understanding came into my mind and a smile came to my face.

When it was my turn to be served I made a quick little comment "I hope this is closer to the end of your day and not the beginning. This looks like you are managing the monkeys at the zoo." She laughed and nodded her head "Yep, that's me, chief zoo keeper." With that exchange she was very pleasant to me and our time was very pleasant and quick. Later that evening she drove by our campsite and dropped off a bundle of firewood, for free. She said she normally didn't do that, but she wanted to say "Hi!" and to thank me for being so nice. It made her day!

That could have gone so differently! I could have stayed in my demanding frame of mind and been just another person who made her day miserable and long. But I got to be an instrument of kindness and understanding. I felt fantastic for the rest of the weekend!

Why? I believe my reason for not "tuning" in to seeing daily miracles was because I spend so much time planning on how the miracle will occur, what it will look like. It's like I shop for the perfect miracle online; I plan it right down to the gift wrapping and bow! Then I sit and wait for it to be delivered. And I wait, and I wait and then I start "God doesn't love me", "I don't deserve it!" "I am all alone!" I am sitting at my own miracle-less pity party and I feel miserable and hopeless. But since I have been learning from ACIM I have realized that spirit give us daily miracles or daily miracle opportunities. They just don't come in the gift wrapped box that I thought they will come in and the angels don't decend in a pure white light to as Gods FedEx delivery staff.

I have found that most of my daily miracles are when I see/feel/know/hear/understand the alterations of my perception of my reality/beliefs. When the truth is revealed. I get these messages daily. Seriously! Daily! Miracles occur Daily! I am not the same person I was yesterday because of the Miracle I experienced yestereday! It altered my universe.

Miracles come to me in a variety of ways: in the form of a thought/ something I read/ something someone says to me/in a song I hear/ in an encounter I have with someone or something. I know when they come now, because I immediately have a sense of serenity, tranquility and/or certainty/ or I find myself laughing outloud with an "aha!" moment.

I lovingly remember another person's Miracle of the Week. The guy is a fairly young district attorney, his days are filled with criminals and dealing with the dark side of life. The mear fact that he was attending a book group studying ACIM was a miracle! He, to me, was the human persona of Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh. Negativity oozed from him. I don't remember if he actually had a New York Bronx accent but over the years I have given him one. Just to paint the picture of him a bit more- He was at my friends store (where the class was held) and he was buying several pricy pieces of jewelry. I commented on how nice of him to be gifting someone or someones with such beautiful pieces. He said one was for his mother and the other for his secretary. I oohed and awwed and complimented him more on the sweetness of gifting his secretary and he responded "yeah, I'm thinking of firing her." Ahhhhh! That is just so funny to me! So in the class he shared his miracle: "my miracle is that I thought I hated someone one, but when I thought about it, I realized I just don't like them." (can you hear that in a thick Bronx accent?)

I was stunned! Can someones miracle really be that? But as I thought about it for a minute, I realized "What an altered state of consciousness- going from hate to dislike!" That was a HUGE life-altering Miracle!

As I work at altering my self-perception of my body and who I am; I have had the same miracle! (Just without the Bronx accent) I thought I hated my body, now I just dislike it. I think I'm closer today to loving my body than I was yesterday! What a gift from spirit! Thank you!

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  1. You are right about altered states of consciousness. It truly is a miracle to have the ability to perceive from different vantage points and another to accept the new viewpoint. Well done!