Friday, April 3, 2009

More thoughts Emerging....

I believe in the power of prayer. Not that I spend a copious amount of time in prayer an supplication. I find my prayer style is more "as the thought arises, any time of the day". I just stop and raise up a prayer and give thanks for the awareness that comes to me.

I remember hearing a story about how Buddha was trying to have his followers come out of an illusion about food. He was trying to teach them that when food is blessed by Spirit it is received by the body for it's highest good. To demonstrate this he ate enough rat poison to kill a large horse. As he sat at the table he slumped over, eyes closed with shallow breath. Everyone thought he was dead or at least dying. After awhile, he "'woke up" and burped. That was it. The effect of that rat poison made him sleepy and gave him a little bit of indigestion. It did not kill him. It did not define his reality. It did not kill him.

So much time and effort is given to the selection of food, the preparation of food, the paying of food, the delivery of food, the nutritional "value" of food. Right down to how do you chew it? But how much time is put into being thankful for it, blessing it to the body's good.

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