Friday, April 3, 2009

Primal Scream

I am going to ask several friends to go with me to the beach and have Primal Scream session. I realized that this is something that can help me purge some of the anger that is pent up inside. I am not a screamer, I don't yell at people either. I can only remember a few times that I have "lost" it and started yelling and screaming. I think it will be very therapeutic. I hope they will join me. One friend said she's done this before and she loves it. I don't feel like I will love it, I have to trust that I won't fall to pieces. See?! Those negative thoughts taking hold.

"I, Donni, am safe at all times!"

"I, Donni, can scream my fool head off anytime I want and I will be okay."

"I, Donni, will not fall to pieces when I scream, or express anger."

"I, Donni, know that anger is not the same as violence or rage."

"I, Donni, know that I am always in control of my emotions."

"I, Donni, can feel all my emotions safely."

I just realize that I avoid situations where people get "too worked up" or "too much energy". I don't go to clubs, bars, sporting events, etc. I really do avoid situations where my adrenalin gets "pumped" up. Do I have a fear of adrenalin? Do I hold a belief that adrenalin is bad? wrong? Hmmm????

I was raised to "be a lady", very "proper". Add to the fact that I am an Aquarius "Mental over Emotional". My weaker Chakras are the Earth/Root Chakras and the stronger ones are the Air/Spirit ones. Getting primal and grounded is exactly what I need to do. Maybe I even need to roll around in the dirt and get messy! Ewe, not quite there yet.

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