Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Affirmations

I, Donni, am ready to accept that I do not need to do physical exercises in order to lose weight.

With every breath I draw in, I, Donni, inhale Spirit and love to nourish me.

With each breath I exhale, I, Donni, let out fear, doubt, pain, disillusionment and negativity.

I, Donni, can control my feelings of upset through deep breathing and awareness.

I, Donni, can deal with my known and suppressed anger by breathing it out.

My body obeys the commands that I, Donni, give it now.

I, Donni, deserve to be free of anger and nourished by love.

When I am emotionally upset, I, Donni, can solve my problem without eating.

My body relaxes and my emotions calm down when I, Donni, breath deeply and tell them to.

I, Donni, am safe in the universe because I am protected by Spirit's endless love.

I, Donni, love and admire my body. It is amazing and perfect!

The safer and more alive, I, Donni, feel the less extra weight I carry.

I love Spirit more that I love my weight problem.

I do believe that I can change my weight by changing my mind.

I think it is possible to lose weight without dieting.

I do want to get over my problems and stop complaining.

My weight no longer gets me lots of sympathy and attention from others.

I can solve my problems and stop being angry at myself.

I embrace this process and release all my former belief systems that no longer serve me well.

Through Spirit, all things are possible.

When weight is no longer an issue, I am strong enough to work through other issues.

I exercise for the love of movement and feelings of aliveness.

I eat food that celebrate life and pleasure.

I drink water that nourishes my body.

I, Donni, ask for spiritual guidance to direct my way of eating.

For the help and spiritual guidance that I receive, I give thanks.

I, Donni, turn my body over to my highest good and ask for blessing to be bestowed upon me.

I, Donni, desire freedom from worry, tension, and fear while I am eating.

I, Donni, know with certainty that my appetite for food and my assimilation are in tune with divine order.

I, Donni, do not rely on the thoughts and beliefs of anyone else but Spirit regarding my weight loss.

I, Donni, do not take in any information about weight loss that isn't Spirit led.

I, Donni, release the world from false illusions about food, health and love.

I, Donni, can now eat less food because I am nourished by the love of Spirit.

I, Donni, am sustained and satisfied.

For the freedom of my past negative thoughts and the transformations of my body, I give thanks.

I, Donni, do not need to count calories.

I, Donni, do not need to count points assigned to food.

I, Donni, do not need to analys the nutrition factors in food.

I, Donni, am Spirit led to the best foods that meet my body's needs, wants and desires.

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