Sunday, April 5, 2009

What is this this?

I woke up this morning and got out of bed. My first thought was "how much to do I weigh?" that is a new thought. It is usually "I don't want to weigh myself!" I am down another pound.

I am having some new thoughts about food. Yesterday I went to Taco Bell and instead of ordering my usual I ordered a (single) taco and a (single) burrito. I blessed the food and I said a couple of affirmations about how the food was good for me and not fattening.

At dinner time I invited a friend over and we got Greek food. I actually didn't finish everything on my plate which is unheard of. Again I blessed the food and said a quick affirmation. I even had ice cream bar. Later on in the evening I went to the kitchen for a snack, more out of habit than real hunger, I stood in front of the fridge and nothing called to me. I ended up having a small handful of walnuts and I was satisfied. What is this? A change in perception about food? Yes indeedy my world is shifting on its axis and I am a very happy camper.

My change in perception about food and saying these affirmations is working. I found that over the past few days I have not obsessed about food. I feel like my mind is a bit more clear, not so much about internalizing but looking out and looking forward. I thought these affirmations, blessings and forgiveness actions would take more time to work, but results have been immediate. I am a very, very happy camper.

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